At Phoenix Fire Detection Limited, we offer a wide range of services designed around your company’s needs and requirements in order for you to comply with the law; safeguard all of your workforce and to make sure that you are covered in all aspects of fire safety and fire prevention.


We offer a wide range of fire detection systems from conventional systems, which operate on a zonal location, to the more sophisticated addressable system that will give you a definitive location of any problems that may arise.

We also offer a wireless alternative that, as the name suggests, means that you do not have to have wires between the equipment.  This system, although  more expensive for the equipment, cuts down on disruption and is installed in a far quicker time frame than the systems previously mentioned.

All the systems that we supply are installed to the current BS5839 regulations and our engineers will make you aware of any problems that we encounter during the servicing of your system.

All works carried out will be certified upon completion.

We can also undertake the weekly testing of your fire alarm system.  Please ask for a quotation for this service.


We can install, service and maintain your existing system to keep it working to its full potential and making sure that in the event of an emergency you are not left in the dark.  We can also install new equipment as additions – from a single emergency light to a completely new system.

All the systems that we supply and service are installed and tested to current BS5266 regulations.

All works carried out will be certified upon completion.

We can also undertake the monthly testing of your emergency lighting system.  Please ask for a quotation for this service.


We also offer a fire protection equipment service where we will install, service and maintain all your fire protection equipment from all types of fire extinguishers and fire blankets.  We also offer a vast range of safety signage.

All the fire protection equipment that we supply, service and install fully complies to current BS5306 regulations.

All works carried out will be certified upon completion.


We can also arrange for the design, installation, servicing and maintenance of your sprinkler system.  With the new types of sprinkler heads, they can be recessed and have a powder coating to make them less obtrusive to the eye.

We will not sell you anything that you do not require and we will tailor your fire detection system to what you need.

All works carried out will be certified upon completion.


Following the implementation of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, this placed the responsibility for fire safety within all premises upon a nominated person.  We can carry out this task for your company thereby taking away all the responsibility from you having to put together a Fire Risk Assessment, with all the pitfalls this will undoubtedly pose.

Why not let our highly qualified Risk Assessment management team  carry out this task for you?  On completion you will be presented with a fully comprehensive Risk Assessment that will enable you to comply with the current regulations.